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The following 24th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security papers have artifacts available..

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DUPLO: Unifying Cut-and-Choose for Garbled Circuits [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A1)Vladimir Kolesnikov, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu, Roberto Trifiletti
Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A1) Xiao Wang, Samuel Ranellucci, Jonathan Katz
Global-Scale Secure Multiparty Computation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A1)Xiao Wang, Samuel Ranellucci, Jonathan Katz
Deterministic Browser [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A4)Yinzhi Cao, Zhanhao Chen, Song Li, Shujiang Wu
Betrayal, Distrust, and Rationality: Smart Counter-Collusion Contracts for Verifiable Cloud Computing [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A5)Changyu Dong, Yilei Wang, Amjad Aldweesh, Patrick McCorry, Aad van Moorsel
Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payments Revisited: Attacks and Payments for Services [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A5)Matteo Campanelli, Rosario Gennaro, Steven Goldfeder, Luca Nizzardo
Pool: Scalable On-Demand Secure Computation Service Against Malicious Adversaries [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (B1)Ruiyu Zhu, Yan Huang, Darion Cassel
The TypTop System: Personalized Typo-tolerant Password Checking [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (B2)Rahul Chatterjee, Joanne Woodage, Yuval Pnueli, Anusha Chowdhury, Thomas Ristenpart
Synthesis of Probabilistic Privacy Enforcement [PDF] [Artifact] (B4)Martin Kucera, Petar Tsankov, Timon Gehr, Marco Guarnieri, Martin Vechev
A Type System for Privacy Properties [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (B4)Véronique Cortier, Niklas Grimm, Joseph Lallemand, Matteo Maffei
Revive: Rebalancing Off-Blockchain Payment Networks [PDF] [Artifact] (B5)Rami Khalil, Arthur Gervais
S3ORAM: A Computation-Efficient and Constant Client Bandwidth Blowup ORAM with Shamir Secret Sharing [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C1)Thang Hoang, Ceyhun D. Ozkaptan, Attila A. Yavuz, Jorge Guajardo, Tam Nguyen
Deterministic, Stash-Free Write-Only ORAM [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C1)Daniel S. Roche, Adam J. Aviv, Seung Geol Choi, Travis Mayberry
Scaling ORAM for Secure Computation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C1) Jack Doerner, abhi shelat
Verifying Security Policies in Multi-agent Workflows with Loops [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C4)Bernd Finkbeiner, Christian Müller, Helmut Seidl, Eugen Zalinescu
FAME: Fast Attribute-based Message Encryption [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C4)Shashank Agrawal, Melissa Chase
5Gen-C: Multi-input Functional Encryption and Program Obfuscation for Arithmetic Circuits [PDF] [Artifact] (D1)Brent Carmer, Alex J. Malozemoff, Mariana Raykova
Practical Graphs for Optimal Side-Channel Resistant Memory-Hard Functions [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (E1)Joel Alwen, Jeremiah Blocki, Ben Harsha
Use Privacy in Data-Driven Systems: Theory and Experiments with Machine Learnt Programs [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (E5)Anupam Datta, Matthew Fredrikson, Gihyuk Ko, Piotr Mardziel, Shayak Sen
Malicious-Secure Private Set Intersection via Dual Execution [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (F1)Peter Rindal, Mike Rosulek
Practical Multi-party Private Set Intersection from Symmetric-Key Techniques [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (F1)Vladimir Kolesnikov, Naor Matania, Benny Pinkas, Mike Rosulek, Ni Trieu
Forward and Backward Private Searchable Encryption from Constrained Cryptographic Primitives [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (G1)Raphael Bost, Brice Minaud, Olga Ohrimenko
Quantifying the Pressure of Legal Risks on Third-party Vulnerability Research [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (G2)Alexander Gamero-Garrido, Stefan Savage, Kirill Levchenko, Alex C. Snoeren
A Touch of Evil: High-Assurance Cryptographic Hardware from Untrusted Components [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (G5)Vasilios Mavroudis, Andrea Cerulli, Petr Svenda, Dan Cvrcek, Dusan Klinec, George Danezis
The Return of Coppersmith’s Attack: Practical Factorization of Widely Used RSA Moduli [PDF] [Artifact] (H1) Matus Nemec, Marek Sys, Petr Svenda, Dusan Klinec, Vashek Matyas
The Dynamics of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Code Reuse Ten Years Later [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (H2)Victor van der Veen, Dennis Andriesse, Manolis Stamatogiannakis, Xi Chen, Herbert Bos, Cristiano Giuffrida
Rewriting History: Changing the Archived Web from the Present [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (H3)Ada Lerner, Tadayoshi Kohno, Franziska Roesner
A Comprehensive Symbolic Analysis of TLS 1.3 [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (H4)Cas Cremers, Marko Horvat, Jonathan Hoyland, Sam Scott, Thyla van der Merwe
HACL*: A Verified Modern Cryptographic Library [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (H4)Jean-Karim Zinzindohoué, Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Jonathan Protzenko, Benjamin Beurdouche
Jasmin: High-Assurance and High-Speed Cryptography [PDF] [Artifact] (H4)José Bacelar Almeida, Manuel Barbosa, Gilles Barthe, Arthur Blot, Benjamin Grégoire, Vincent Laporte, Tiago Oliveira, Hugo Pacheco, Benedikt Schmidt, Pierre-Yves Strub
Side-Channel Attacks on BLISS Lattice-Based Signatures: Exploiting Branch Tracing Against strongSwan and Electromagnetic Emanations in Microcontrollers [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (I1)Thomas Espitau, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Benoït Gérard, Mehdi Tibouchi
walk2friends: Inferring Social Links from Mobility Profiles [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (I3)Michael Backes, Mathias Humbert, Jun Pang, Yang Zhang
A Fast and Verified Software Stack for Secure Function Evaluation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (I4)José Bacelar Almeida, Manuel Barbosa, Gilles Barthe, François Dupressoir, Benjamin Grégoire, Vincent Laporte, Vitor Pereira
Verified Correctness and Security of mbedTLS HMAC-DRBG [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (I4)Katherine Q. Ye, Matthew Green, Naphat Sanguansin, Lennart Beringer, Adam Petcher, Andrew W. Appel
How Unique is Your .onion? An Analysis of the Fingerprintability of Tor Onion Services [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (I5) Rebekah Overdorf, Marc Juarez, Gunes Acar, Rachel Greenstadt, Claudia Diaz
The Waterfall of Liberty: Decoy Routing Circumvention that Resists Routing Attacks [PDF] [Artifact] (I5)Milad Nasr, Hadi Zolfaghari, Amir Houmansadr
Homomorphic Secret Sharing: Optimizations and Applications [PDF] [Artifact] (J1)Elette Boyle, Geoffroy Couteau, Niv Gilboa, Yuval Ishai, Michele Orru
DIFUZE: Interface Aware Fuzzing for Kernel Drivers [PDF] [Artifact] (J2)Jake Corina, Aravind Machiry, Christopher Salls, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Shuang Hao, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
Keep me Updated: An Empirical Study of Third-Party Library Updatability on Android [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (J3)Erik Derr, Sven Bugiel, Sascha Fahl, Yasemin Acar, Michael Backes
Directed Greybox Fuzzing [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (K2)Marcel Böhme, Van-Thuan Pham, Manh-Dung Nguyen, Abhik Roychoudhury
IMF: Inferred Model-based Fuzzer [PDF] [Artifact] (K2)HyungSeok Han, Sang Kil Cha
FreeGuard: A Faster Secure Heap Allocator [PDF] [Artifact] (K3)Sam Silvestro, Hongyu Liu, Corey Crosser, Zhiqiang Lin, Tongping Liu
A Formal Foundation for Secure Remote Execution of Enclaves [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (K4) Pramod Subramanyan, Rohit Sinha, Ilia Lebedev, Srinivas Devadas, Sanjit Seshia