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Network security

Detecting Structurally Anomalous Logins Within Enterprise Networks
Hossein Siadati (New York University), Nasir Memon (New York University)
Session: 2F
Where the Wild Warnings Are: Root Causes of Chrome HTTPS Certificate Errors
Mustafa Emre Acer (Google), Emily Stark (Google), Adrienne Porter Felt (Google), Sascha Fahl (Leibniz University Hannover), Radhika Bhargava (Purdue University), Bhanu Dev (International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad), Matt Braithwaite (Google), Ryan Sleevi (Google), Parisa Tabriz (Google)
Session: 5F
Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2
Mathy Vanhoef (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Frank Piessens (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet)
(Award Finalist)
Session: 3F
Don’t Let One Rotten Apple Spoil the Whole Barrel: Towards Automated Detection of Shadowed Domains
Daiping Liu (University of Delaware), Zhou Li (ACM Member), Kun Du (Tsinghua University), Haining Wang (University of Delaware), Baojun Liu (Tsinghua University), Haixin Duan (Tsinghua University)
Session: 2C
A Comprehensive Symbolic Analysis of TLS 1.3
Cas Cremers (University of Oxford), Marko Horvat (The Max Planck Institute For Software Systems), Jonathan Hoyland (Royal Holloway, University of London), Sam Scott (Royal Holloway, University of London), Thyla van der Merwe (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Practical Attacks Against Graph-based Clustering
Yizheng Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yacin Nadji (Georgia Institute of Technology), Athanasios Kountouras (Georgia Institute of Technology), Fabian Monrose (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Roberto Perdisci (University of Georgia), Manos Antonakakis (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nikolaos Vasiloglou (Symantec)
Client-side Name Collision Vulnerability in the New gTLD Era: A Systematic Study
Qi Alfred Chen (University of Michigan), Matthew Thomas (Verisign Labs), Eric Osterweil (Verisign Labs), Yulong Cao (University of Michigan), Jie You (University of Michigan), Z. Morley Mao (University of Michigan)
Algorithm Substitution Attacks from a Steganographic Perspective
Sebastian Berndt (University of Luebeck), Maciej Liskiewicz (University of Luebeck)
The Wolf of Name Street: Hijacking Domains Through Their Nameservers
Thomas Vissers (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Timothy Barron (Stony Brook University), Tom Van Goethem (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Wouter Joosen (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook University)
Mass Discovery of Android Traffic Imprints through Instantiated Partial Execution
Yi Chen (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Wei You (Indiana University), Yeonjoon Lee (Indiana University), Kai Chen (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), XiaoFeng Wang (Indiana University), Wei Zou (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Session: 2D
Stacco: Differentially Analyzing Side-Channel Traces for Detecting SSL/TLS Vulnerabilities in Secure Enclaves
Yuan Xiao (The Ohio State University), Mengyuan Li (The Ohio State University), Sanchuan Chen (The Ohio State University), Yinqian Zhang (The Ohio State University)
HACL*: A Verified Modern Cryptographic Library
Jean-Karim Zinzindohoué (Inria Paris), Karthikeyan Bhargavan (Inria Paris), Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research), Benjamin Beurdouche (Inria Paris)
Quantifying the Pressure of Legal Risks on Third-party Vulnerability Research
Alexander Gamero-Garrido (University of California, San Diego), Stefan Savage (University of California, San Diego), Kirill Levchenko (University of California, San Diego), Alex C. Snoeren (University of California, San Diego)
Faulds: A Non-Parametric Iterative Classifier for Internet-Wide OS Fingerprinting
Zain Shamsi (Texas A&M University), Daren B.H. Cline (Texas A&M University), Dmitri Loguinov (Texas A&M University)
Most Websites Don’t Need to Vibrate: A Cost-Benefit Approach to Improving Browser Security
Peter Snyder (University of Illinois at Chicago), Cynthia Taylor (University of Illinois at Chicago), Chris Kanich (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Hiding in Plain Sight: A Longitudinal Study of Combosquatting Abuse
Panagiotis Kintis (Georgia Institute of Technology), Najmeh Miramirkhani (Stony Brook University), Charles Lever (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yizheng Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Rosa Romero-Gómez (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nikolaos Pitropakis (London South Bank University), Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook University), Manos Antonakakis (Georgia Institute of Technology)