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CCS 2017 - Papers on Access control

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Access control

Let’s go in for a closer look: Observing passwords in their natural habitat
Sarah Pearman (Carnegie Mellon University), Jeremy Thomas (Carnegie Mellon University), Pardis Emami Naeini (Carnegie Mellon University), Hana Habib (Carnegie Mellon University), Lujo Bauer (Carnegie Mellon University), Nicolas Christin (Carnegie Mellon University), Lorrie Faith Cranor (Carnegie Mellon University), Serge Egelman (University of California, Berkeley), Alain Forget (Google)
Session: 2B
AUTHSCOPE: Towards Automatic Discovery of Vulnerable Access Control in Online Services
Chaoshun Zuo (University of Texas at Dallas), Qingchuan Zhao (University of Texas at Dallas), Zhiqiang Lin (University of Texas at Dallas)
Session: 2D
Practical Graphs for Optimal Side-Channel Resistant Memory-Hard Functions
Joel Alwen (IST Austria), Jeremiah Blocki (Purdue University), Ben Harsha (Purdue University)
Iron: Functional Encryption using Intel SGX
Ben Fisch (Stanford University), Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy (University of Waterloo), Dan Boneh (Stanford University), Sergey Gorbunov (University of Waterloo)
(Award Finalist)
Session: 1D
FAME: Fast Attribute-based Message Encryption
Shashank Agrawal (Visa Research), Melissa Chase (Microsoft Research)