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David Evans, 2 Nov 2017

The CCS 2017 Paper Awards have been announced!

Paper Award Finalists

Real-World Impact Award

This is a newly-created award recognizes papers with substantial immediate impact.

The Return of Coppersmith’s Attack: Practical Factorization of Widely Used RSA Moduli [PDF] [Artifact] (H1)
Matus Nemec, Marek Sys, Petr Svenda, Dusan Klinec, Vashek Matyas

Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2 [PDF] [Paper] (F3)
Mathy Vanhoef, Frank Piessens

Best Paper Award

Scaling ORAM for Secure Computation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (C1)
Jack Doerner, abhi shelat

Better Bounds for Block Cipher Modes of Operation via Nonce-Based Key Derivation [PDF] [Paper] (E1)
Shay Gueron, Yehuda Lindell

DolphinAttack: Inaudible Voice Commands [PDF] [Paper] (A3)
Guoming Zhang, Chen Yan, Xiaoyu Ji, Tianchen Zhang, Taimin Zhang, Wenyuan Xu

Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (A1)
Xiao Wang, Samuel Ranellucci, Jonathan Katz

A Formal Foundation for Secure Remote Execution of Enclaves [PDF] [Paper] [Artifact] (K4)
Pramod Subramanyan, Rohit Sinha, Ilia Lebedev, Srinivas Devadas, Sanjit Seshia

CCS Test-of-Time Award

Recognizes papers from CCS ten years prior (CCS 2007) that have had the greatest impact on security research and practice over the past decade.

The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Return-into-libc without Function Calls (on the x86)
[PDF (full version)] [PDF (CCS 2007 version)]
Hovav Shacham

Left-to-right: David Evans, Hovav Shacham, Tal Malkin, Dongyan Xu

Papers Posted
David Evans, 1 Nov 2017

Due to the ACM’s failure to provide adequate access to the papers through “OpenTOC”, all of the CCS 2017 papers are now available here for PDF download with full open access: ACM CCS 2017 Papers.

Welcome Slides
David Evans, 31 Oct 2017

Topics Posted
David Evans, 30 Oct 2017

You can now see the papers group by the topics selected by authors: Topics

Award Finalists
David Evans, 21 Oct 2017

The list of Award Finalists is now posted. The winners will be announced at the CCS Banquet!

Session Schedule
David Evans, 27 Sep 2017

The schedule of the paper sessions is now available: List of Sessions, Full Research Sessions Program.

Papers and Artifacts Available
David Evans, 17 Aug 2017

A list of the CCS 2017 papers that are openly available is now posted. (Only a few papers now, but this will grow to hopefully include nearly all CCS 2017 papers as we reach the final paper deadline on August 29.)

There is also a list of papers with artifacts.

Accepted Papers
David Evans, 3 Aug 2017

The list of papers accepted to ACM CCS 2017 is now available: Papers, Authors, Institutions

Congratulations to all our authors!

Welcome to CCS Blog
David Evans, 2 Aug 2017

This is the Program Chair’s blog for the ACM CCS 2017 conference.