ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

CCS 2017 - Session 3J

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Problematic Patches

Thursday, 2:00-3:30pm

Session chair: Xinyu Xing

Checking Open-Source License Violation and 1-day Security Risk at Large Scale
Ruian Duan (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ashish Bijlani (Georgia Institute of Technology), Meng Xu (Georgia Institute of Technology), Taesoo Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology), Wenke Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Keep me Updated: An Empirical Study of Third-Party Library Updatability on Android
Erik Derr (CISPA, Saarland University), Sven Bugiel (CISPA, Saarland University), Sascha Fahl (Leibniz University Hannover), Yasemin Acar (Leibniz University Hannover), Michael Backes (CISPA, Saarland University)
A Large-Scale Empirical Study of Security Patches
Frank Li (University of California, Berkeley), Vern Paxson (University of California, Berkeley)