ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

CCS 2017 - Session 5A

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Tuesday, 10:45am-noon

Session chair: Aniket Kate

Be Selfish and Avoid Dilemmas: Fork After Withholding (FAW) Attacks on Bitcoin
Yujin Kwon (KAIST), Dohyun Kim (KAIST), Yunmok Son (KAIST), Eugene Vasserman (Kansas State University), Yongdae Kim (KAIST)
Betrayal, Distrust, and Rationality: Smart Counter-Collusion Contracts for Verifiable Cloud Computing
Changyu Dong (Newcastle University), Yilei Wang (Newcastle University), Amjad Aldweesh (Newcastle University), Patrick McCorry (Newcastle University), Aad van Moorsel (Newcastle University)
Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payments Revisited: Attacks and Payments for Services
Matteo Campanelli (City College of New York), Rosario Gennaro (City College of New York), Steven Goldfeder (Princeton University), Luca Nizzardo (IMDEA Software Institute and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)