ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

CCS 2017 - Session 2C

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World Wide Web of Wickedness

Tuesday, 3:45-5:15pm

Session chair: Gianluca Stringhini

Don’t Let One Rotten Apple Spoil the Whole Barrel: Towards Automated Detection of Shadowed Domains
Daiping Liu (University of Delaware), Zhou Li (ACM Member), Kun Du (Tsinghua University), Haining Wang (University of Delaware), Baojun Liu (Tsinghua University), Haixin Duan (Tsinghua University)
Herding Vulnerable Cats: A Statistical Approach to Disentangle Joint Responsibility for Web Security in Shared Hosting
Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob (Delft University of Technology), Tom van Goethem (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Maciej Korczyński (Delft University of Technology), Arman Noroozian (Delft University of Technology), Rainer Böhme (Innsbruck University), Tyler Moore (The University of Tulsa), Wouter Joosen (KU Leuven, imec-DistriNet), Michel van Eeten (Delft University of Technology)
Hiding in Plain Sight: A Longitudinal Study of Combosquatting Abuse
Panagiotis Kintis (Georgia Institute of Technology), Najmeh Miramirkhani (Stony Brook University), Charles Lever (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yizheng Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Rosa Romero-Gómez (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nikolaos Pitropakis (London South Bank University), Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook University), Manos Antonakakis (Georgia Institute of Technology)